Natural Remedies For Razor Burns

Razor burns are characterized by red rashes which result from improper shaving. These burns can affect any part of your body. This problem is more prevalent in those individuals who have sensitive skins. Natural and home remedies are helpful for those individuals who are prone to razor burns. The results obtained vary in different people. You should choose a method which can work well for you since the types of skin vary in different people.

Cold press

A cold press can greatly help you in reducing the burn sensation as well as closing the skin’s pores very fast. This is done using ice cubes or frozen vegetables. For better results, cold pressing should be done several times.


Honey is applied directly on the affected skin. Alternatively, one can prepare a mask using yogurt. Once applied on the skin, honey should be left for about ten minutes. This is followed by rinsing off using some lukewarm water. Finally, the affected areas are splashed with cold water. Water is helpful in boosting circulating and refreshing the skin cells. The process should be repeated three times in a day.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of the most effective healing herbs for skin conditions. This is the main reason it is used in soaps and various cosmetics products. This herb is rich in useful compounds which are useful in healing wounds. In fact, this herb has been approved to be effective natural food flavouring. The affected area should be rubbed using the aloe vera gel. The applied gel is then left on the skin to dry out. This is followed by rinsing the affected area by use of cold water. This gel should be applied three times on a daily basis. Additionally, individuals who are allergic to onions are advised to use aloe vera gel in relieving the symptoms associated with razor burns.

Baking soda

Baking soda is mixed with water and then applied on the affected part of the body. A cotton ball is used to apply this mixture on the skin. The mixture is rinsed off using lukewarm water after two minutes. Finally, the affected part is splashed with some cold water. The process is repeated for about 2-3 times in a day.

Organic cider vinegar

Organic cider vinegar is helpful in reducing the symptoms associated with razor burn. This lotion is applied to the skin by use of a cotton ball. The process is finished by splashing the affected areas with cold water to boost circulation and refresh the skin.